2019-2020 Staff

Princezz-Aniyah Cook

likes to write, goofy and is loud.

Timothy Thomas

Timothy Im a designer for the BEST newspaper,I like to draw and write.

Emily Head

Loves: Painting ,Traveling , and food. I like the Harry Potter movies. Dislike: When people are loud, Slow walkers, and lockers. My favorite singer: Lana Del Rey Favorite sports: Baseball. I'm in the 8th grade news paper.

Ava Swartz

My name is Ava. I love history, reading, and writing. I am apart of theatre and enjoy singing and drawing as well. I absolutely love Greek mythology and it is my favorite kind of history to study. I am an assistant and writer...

Allison O’Dell

Hi, my name is Allison I'm 13 years old,I like basketball, I like ate riding, and i love my phone.

Jessica Berry

My name is Jessica Berry. I'm a writer, and I like to read. I’m an extrovert. My sign is a Leo and my birth stone is a peridot.

La’Mya walker

I am 13 years old and I have 2 dogs. Also, I have 9 siblings. I am a writer for newspaper and I help with other little things.

Josh Plumley

I'm a editor and drawer for the newspaper, I love to draw and I like to play Halo.

Trista Ewing

Hi,my name is Trista Ewing my teachers and friends call me Tristan. I really enjoy taking pictures. I'm really outgoing and a good friend. I love my teachers and school!

MaddiLynn Weis

My friends call me maddi Instead of MaddiLynn. I wanted to be in best newspaper because of the photography and I love taking photos.

Steven Rotenberry

My name is Steven Rotenberry. I’m an 8th grader attending Beckley Stratton Middle School. I’m a football player, wrestler, and Track Member for the school. My interests are Professional Wrestling (I.e WWE), Football,...

Taylor Martin

I play volleyball, and I drink a lot of sweet tea. My favorite color is red. My favorite food is fried pickles. I  love to hang out with my friends . I have a lot of lazy days. My favorite lunchable is the pizza one.

Jaylin Guess

My name is Jaylin and I'm in 8th grade. Im a cheerleader for the school, but I really enjoy writing and photography. My sister and I love taking pictures so I'm excited to be here.

Jayla Harris

I'm very, very goofy. I like to be outgoing and have fun. I love being nice and giving back to people. I'm polite and loving. I like to be happy, as well as seeing people happy. I also like singing and dancing.