2018-2019 Staff

Brooke Richmond

Likes- Cats, Anarchy, Crocheting, Mettalica, Jeopardy, Bingo, Spoons, The 2005 Film "Chicken Little" Dislikes- The Goverment, City Folk, 6th graders, Clarinets, Social Interaction, the Middle Ages

Victoria Dejarnette

I like playing video games My favorite color is blue My favorite dish is chicken alfredo My favorite sport is softball My family is always traveling I enjoy baking My eyes usually get smaller when I smile or...

Tazha Harper

Likes: Reading, Music Dance, Art, Cooking, Riverdale, Marvel DC Musician: Queen Naija, Tamar Braxton Actors/Actress: Kj Apa Camilla Mendes Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, Jordon Connor School Activities: Track/...

Emma Mitchem

likes: -Netflix -food -sleep -soccer -music -makeup -watching movies -reading -the Harry Potter series -drawing -coffee -slasher films   dislikes: -bread -the color "olive" -reading...

Kyleigh Edwards

My favorite color is purple. My favorite dish is pasta. I also love to draw when I am stressed and I love listening to music; it calms me. My favorite sport is volleyball. I also love hanging out with my fam...

Isaiah Lawrence

DC is sooooo much better than Marvel. Just saying.

Payton Hall

I'm a computer nerd, as most people would call me. I love fishing and I heavily dislike most movies and t.v., but I politics and other more neccesary thing that society requires.