2019-2020 Staff

Taylor Martin


I play volleyball, and I drink a lot of sweet tea. My favorite color is red. My favorite food is fried pickles. I  love to hang out with my friends . I have a lot of lazy days. My favorite lunchable is the pizza one.

Jaylin Guess


My name is Jaylin and I'm in 8th grade. Im a cheerleader for the school, but I really enjoy writing and photography. My sister and I love taking pictures so I'm excited to be here.

Jayla Harris


I'm very, very goofy. I like to be outgoing and have fun. I love being nice and giving back to people. I'm polite and loving. I like to be happy, as well as seeing people happy. I also like singing and dancing.

Kelsey Suliva


My name is Kelsey Suliva. I used to have a dog named Jopay. I love the color yellow. I was born in the Philippines and lived there for years. Therefore, I'm filipino.

Gabriela Farrish


My name's Gabriela, but everyone calls me Gabi, Im in 8th grade and My favorite subject is writing. My mom is a writer for the Register-Herald, a local newspaper. So naturally, she's super excited about me being in newspap...