Goodbye, Stay Strong Class of 2020!


Editor Maddi Weis says goodbye and stay strong to the Class of 2020.

As a student during everything that’s going on, I think this will impact our lives and how we see and view everything from now on. It may give us all a greater appreciation for the simple things in life, such as having the privilege to go to the mall, or go to the store, and even go outside without staying away from people and without wearing a mask and gloves. We went from working at desks and eating lunch with our friends to wanting to go back to school, and not being able to see our friends. Colleges have been closed, restaurants are carry-out only, stores have tape on the grounds so people stay six feet apart, and only essential workers are going in for work and we are all quarantined at home. Zoom went from a word we used to describe as something going fast, to being our school and how we interact with our teachers and peers.

We would never imagine graduations would be in a car and not on a stage, we never thought they way we clean out lockers is from the car, or the way we talk to our friends is over the phone or 6 feet away. In other words, we went from our consistent weekly school routine since kindergarten, to wanting everything to go back to normal. We realized we took these things for granted. The class of 2020 didn’t have their last prom, they will not have the stage to walk on and receive their diplomas, but schools are trying to do their best to make sure they will have a good graduation and make sure they don’t give up hope.

It wasn’t The BEST Times’ intention to do this, but this will be the last article of the 2019-2020 8th grade group. I had one of the hardest working newspaper teams that I could ask for. We did our best and if we did not have the help of our wonderful teachers I don’t think it would have happened. Our teachers made sure we got an education and we knew everything we needed to for high school, and we will miss you all. I was the leader of newspaper and I had some of the best teachers help us, along with our principal Mr.Smith making sure if we needed information for something he would try to the best of his ability to get it. So thank you for everything you all have done for us, and we will miss you all when we move on to high school. To all the graduates of 2019-2020, no matter if you’re a kindergarten graduate, middle school graduate, or a high school graduate, you got this, no matter what. We all will remember this and this will impact us to a great extent. Our kids and grandchildren will learn about this, and we will have some of the best stories to tell. This 2019-2020 school year has been crazy for all of us.