What True Mountaineers are About

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What True Mountaineers are About

Emily Head and Kelsey Suliva

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  Do you ever truly wonder what’s in West Virginia? Well, here is the truth. Every season there is different things to do wether you like the indoors or outdoorsAs long as you have car and full tank gas, you will be able to find these places. West Virginia is one the most beautiful places in the East Coast. There is a place for everyone in West Virginia for year-round activities.  

  Active travelers never runs out of things to do in here, in West Virginia. Many people come here, whether its for the landscapes, the scenery, or the outdoor activities. Each season there is a different activities you can do. 




  Spring is perfect weather for outdoor things you can do where it is not too cold or too hot outside. Spring is when everything starts to turn green from it dying during fall. Bear starts to wake up from hibernation, don’t be too alarmed bears are not going to eat you. You can do a lot of things you can do. First, you can go on a picnic with your love ones or with your closest friends at Grandview. Grandview is one of the national parks in the United States. There’s a lot of activities to do while you’re down there, like play volleyball, baseball, go on hikes, or see the beautiful view of The New River National River. If you don’t feel like going outside there’s always a lot of cafes here. One particular place, is The Chocolate Moose Café. The Chocolate Moose Café  is at 1818 Harper Rd, Beckley, WV. It’s not just a regular café, this café has built in indoor rock climbing wall. They also have a mini gold course, it has 18-hole miniature gold course, every single one West Virginia Themed. The café has one of the best ice cream, I recommend the Cappuccino CrunchThere are many more places to visit. 




  Summer are some people’s favorite season. The Mountain State is full of great things to do in the summer, like go on hikes, have sleepovers, or pull an all-nighter with your friends. Even better is to go outside and absorb the 85° temperature. There’s a lot of different things you could, like swimming. You can go swimming at Ace Adventure, there’s a floating water park. If you wanna go fast, you can always rent a boat or use your own boat at Summersville LakeThere’s a lot of space to drive your boats around Summersville. You can take out your jet ski and take it out for a spin, or some people would do is attach a floaty on the jet ski, and pull the people while they’re on the floaty. One of many things you can do here in West Virginia is go camping. Pack your things like sleeping bags, stuff for your s’mores, tents, and many more and go to one of these campgrounds: Babcock State Park, BlueStone State Park, Adventures on the Gorge. There are many more campgrounds you can find, because the Mountain Mama is all about the nature. 




   This season people enjoy so much is fall, for different good reasons. The bright vibrant colors on our Sugar Maple Treeand Halloween vibes! If you’re into the spooky stuff, then West Virginia is your thing. One of our most famous attractions in the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, it’s said to one of the most haunted place in America, a creepy fact about this place it’s said to be 666 acres and it has 13 stories.  Not really into that stuff and want something more kid friendly? Understandable, there is great attractions for little kids, like the pumpkin house! The title does not lie, it’s a house with pumpkins. It’s located in Kenova and worth the drive, it’s magical for a reason. In my opinion WV is one of the most scariest (not in a bad way) place in America. So for halloween you can walk around our good neighborhoods and after that you can enjoy our state most popular food, pepperoni rolls! 



  All aboard! Welcome to winter season, this season has many fun things to do. One of my favorites are the polar express, they are just like the movie. It’s located in Elkins, which is a fair drive from Beckley. You can wear your pajamas and have the hot hot chocolate, yum! And at the very end, you can visit Santa and Mrs.Claus! I recommend this for little kids or if you’re in a Christmas mood! One of our most famous resorts in WV is a snowshoe resort, they teach you how to ski and other types of things. They have great chefs who make great food, and if you’re looking for a job, they have jobs for 14 year olds. The winter season really has so many excellent things to do, even indoors or outdoors. Just don’t forget to put on a jacket, stay warm, and have fun! 

   Now that you know places to go, will you actually leave your phone alone and go outside? Explore the wondrous place of our state West Virginia! So pack up your stuff and have a road trip around our Mountain Mama state. Think about the beautiful views as you drive down the road. Everyone here has something for them, no one is left out. We are a team in West Virginia and we can assure we will find something for you.