Beckley Stratton’s Upcoming Wrestling Season

Steven Rotenberry

After a two year absence the Beckley Stratton Wrestling Team has returned! Spearheaded by Coach Darius Law, with a membership of around 20 people the team is starting off hard and confident this season. Practices began on Tuesday November 12th, and have been going on since. From Monday through Saturday the wrestling team works hard for two to three hours a day.

Important to note is the fact that this is Coach Law’s first time coaching wrestling, but he is confident with his experience as a football coach and referee for several sports he will serve as a good coach. Coach Law works his wrestlers hard but fair, dedicating practice to learning the essentials needed for a successful season, as well as conditioning students hard by having them run for about 10 minutes every practice.

Coach Law will not tolerate anything less than a championship this season, especially since we haven’t won a wrestling championship since 2001, and it shows. Good Luck to the wrestlers who are putting themselves out there this season and I hope to see a championship for Beckley-Stratton!