Football Season Retrospective

They've won some. They've lost some. But there is still reason to celebrate.


Steven Rotenberry, Writer


The football team here at Beckley Stratton is something we pride ourselves on. With numerous county championship wins over the years, it’s plain to see why. This season has been a bit of a rollercoaster for the team.

Our first three games were losses, but then we won twice, and now another two losses before our final game. 2-5 isn’t exactly a good record. We’ve come close, like our 2 point differences against Independence and Trap Hill.

Playing for the team gives you an inside look into this. A lot of our losses are induced by a lack of morale and a lack of effort, but this doesn’t mean we haven’t done well this season. We’ve played a lot of tough teams, like Huntington and Eastern Greenbrier. Despite our shortcomings, we retain a very good team this year, even with a small amount of members, a fair amount of losses, we have shown ourselves strong. With one additional game left on Halloween night, I, as well as the coaches stand by the fact that we will win. With some of the best players in the county, we can win against Princeton on Halloween night.