These “Bees” Knees Aren’t Shaking  

Madison Smith, Staff writer

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Mark Imbing is headed to Washington D.C. for the National Scripps Spelling Bee in May.

Nicole Asamoah placed 5th in the Raleigh County Spelling Bee.

“I just plan on getting as far as I can. If I could win, that’d be nice, but just as long as I make it somewhere.”  

 Those are the inspiring and humble words of Nicole Asamoah. We are very proud of all contestants who participated — and placed — in this year’s regional spelling bee. Mark Imbing and Nicole Asamoah proudly represented the BEST of Beckley-Stratton in academics. With Mark being in regionals and Nicole in counties, we couldn’t have been more proud to have them present in BEST Middle School. In recent interviews, they’ve provided us with beneficial advice on how to keep your composure when presenting.  


Nicole: “Well, honestly? I pray, think, and hope  — that calms me down.”  


Mark:” All I do is breathe in and out deeply.”  


The spelling bee can be quite nerve-wracking, but attempting it without practice is even worse.  To avoid looking foolish, both of these students used their most effective tips on how to study efficiently.  


Nicole: “For studying, I take a certain amount of words each day, and then I make sure I master those words before I move on.”  


Mark:“Well, I use a really special site. It’s called I play the games a lot and try to memorize the words.”  


Spelling Bees are a challenging accomplishment to achieve. It must feel very fulfilling to be in any place, much less counties and regionals. It doesn’t matter what place you’re in, these two will always be winners because of their hard work and determination. We encourage more students to take the challenge and compete in next year’s Raleigh County Spelling Bee! If you take Nicole and Mark’s advice, you will undoubtedly join the rest of contestants who make this school proud!