Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Students could also help to keep our classrooms clean

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Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Sophie Hall and Victoria Toby

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Schools can be kept clean, or not. Students decide.

For years our school has striven to be the BEST it can be, not only with academics and athletics, but also with appearance. This includes the classrooms, library, lunchroom, bathrooms, because appearance can affect the learning environment and student morale. Lately, kids have not been holding back their opinions about the school. ‘’It’s dirty,’’ ‘’It looks gross,’’ are comments mostly heard in, worst of all places, the lunchroom. This is where we are constantly reminded to pick up after ourselves, ‘’That isn’t our job,” say some students in response.  


Mr. Ross, Beckley Stratton’s custodian for the past 12 years, disagrees. ‘’The rooms are cleaned every day from daily use. Personally, I have a total of eight rooms to clean, four one day and four another.’’ Night shift also stays very busy, being cleaned every night.” Mr. Ross is keenly aware of the disrespect some kids feel for his profession. ‘’That’s their opinion. I do my job, and I not only look after the staff, but also you guys. I don’t take that responsibility lightly,’’ he said. Students could do much better helping out custodians with keeping our campus clean.  


Mr. Ross has a more positive outlook, “I think the kids help a lot,” he stated. “When the staff asks you guys to pick up it makes mine and Cathy Snow’s job much easier to where we don’t have to overwork ourselves with having to clean some rooms twice. Instead, we can clean multiple rooms.”  


The sixth graders share the same perspective, even though they are new to our building. Madelline Gray, a sixth grader here at Beckley Stratton said, “I have noticed everyone just throws things in the floor instead of throwing it away. There is sometimes gum under the desks and when I go to pick up a pencil, I will accidentally touch it and its disgusting.” Madelline does think the janitors do a good job, “It’s very hard to pick up after us, especially since we are capable of cleaning up after ourselves,”  


Although our school may not be perfect and sometimes a little messy, we are still very grateful for everything our janitors, custodians, and sometimes even teachers do to clean up after us — a school with over 673 students. If this many have the potential to mess up a hallway, think of what the same number could do to keep our school looking the BEST it can.