Vaping: Dank or Deadly?

Vaping is simply dangerous, inside and out.

Vaping is simply dangerous, inside and out.

Madison Smith, Staff writer

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The British publication Daily Record reported a man’s leg going up in flames when an e-cigarette battery exploded in his trousers “like a firework.” This is one of potentially thousands of accidents reported with this “safer” alternative to the cigarette.

Sound scary? It is. Spontaneously combusting e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) aren’t the only thing that should frighten you about the vaping trend. The “ADAM!” vape vine is not worth the health risks. Before you pick up that vape pen, and before you think blowing clouds into peoples’ faces is “cool”, think of what it could do it you.

People believe smoking e-cigarettes is a “healthier” alternative to actual tobacco cigarettes. They are wrong! Prolonged use of e-cigarettes is dangerous. 30% of e-cigarette smokers are less likely to quit because they believe vaping can cause less harm. It can actually cause a weakening in blood vessels, which ultimately can result in a heart attack. It also affects and decreases reproductive health. Vaping heavily damages your respiratory system because of the liquid alcohol, propylene glycol, and other contaminates found in e-cigs. Not only does it impair your lungs, it irritates your eyes which can even lead to blindness.

If damaging your organs isn’t horrifying enough, then the potentially explosive design of e-cigs will. That’s right! Explosive. They can cause critical damage to the outside of your body as well as the inside. The components that cause vape pens to spontaneously combust are lithium-ion batteries. The amount of electricity flowing through the batteries can easily cause it to explode. If you have them on your person, they can cause third degree skin burns and disfiguration to various limbs — possibly amputation. There have even been reports of death caused by the explosion.
The liquid in the pen is very obtainable. In several cases, children under six have been poisoned from consuming it, mistaking the liquid nicotine for a sweet treat because of its candy scent.

With all the negative information out there on e-cigs, there are few reasons left to vape, if any. What truly makes you and your body feeling strong and happy (and there is research to back this) is avoiding nicotine-based products altogether.  Teens have their whole lives ahead of them. Teens should not smoke. Tell your friends about the dangers — there are obviously a lot. Stay safe!